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DA.MET are able to assist with your Rexroth requirements.

Bosch Rexroth offers a broad range of products for drive, control and motion. 


A little smaller, But equally comfortable

Marex SB for Leisure boats as well as small yachts and work boats


Professional control technology all around − compact and elegant Marex OS II-plus, successor of Mini-Marex, is the consequent advancement of the Marex OS controls, which have been applied with success in professional shipbuilding. Optimized for leisure boats as well as small yachts and work boats, the Marex SB perfectly suits retrofitting of these types of vessels as well.

  • Replacement of sluggish mechanical controls
  • Individually adaptable to the propulsion system
  • Low installation and wiring costs due to the CAN-bus technology
  • High control accuracy
  • Low operation forces
The Components
  • Control head with single-lever operation of engine speed and gear shifting for single or twin-engine systems
  • Control unit containing the remote control software and the input / output components
  • Extension boards (option)
  • Synchronisation boards (option)
  • Actuators for mechanical speed and mechanical gear setting
  • Push-pull cables
The Individual Solution

The schematic diagram shows a standard configuration  of a twin-engine system with three control stations and electrical speed setting, combined with mechanical gear shifting.

The System
Marex SB stands for "Small Boat" and is designed for boats with diesel engines and reversing gear systems. It replaces the mechanical chains and cables-over-pulley of existing systems. Mechanically activated speed governors and/or reversing gears are controlled via the actuator with short push-pull cables. The latest electronics in the control unit evaluates the lever position of the control heads and converts them into commands for the activation of the propulsion engine's speed governor and the reversing gear.
The Technology
One CAN-bus line connects the control heads with each other (up to 6 units) and to the control unit installed near the engine(s). Rpm and gear position can be controlled fully electronically, fully mechanically or a combination of the two.


marexosiilarge marex_os2_f

Intelligent and flexible

Marex OS II is the advancement of our approved control components.

It provides a solution with all professional options for the most different types of vessels. New technologies and materials and the integration of bus-capable electronics opened more and more fields of application to our controls for ship propulsions.

In this way they have developed from the manufacturer of classic control systems based on pneumatics to a provider of electronic propulsion controls. In case of Marex OS II the hardware is realizable with a few modularly structured control components.

Data transfer is carried out via CAN bus.

An intelligent software with parameter adjustments allows an individual adaptation to the most varying ship propulsions. In a parallel way it facilitates the commissioning and creates new possibilities of diagnosis also by data transfer.

Marex OS II stands for “Open System” and is an advancement of Marex OS. Due to the high grade of modularity, the remote control can be adapted to the particularities of the propulsion system even better and more accurately.