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Scania Engines

Power at work – that’s what Scania deliver. Engines for industrial use on marine vessels and for power generation. Engines that power up your business.

“Power at work” includes all the hallmarks that have made Scania engines renowned among operators, no matter where and how they are used – low fuel consumption, high reliability and uptime, and excellent overall economy.

Scania Marine Engines - To propel both vessels and business

Life at sea. From dead calm to hurricane winds. On patrol, making a rescue, fishing, shipping cargo, auxiliary power. Displacing or aquaplaning. Whatever the conditions, at the heart of the craft is an engine. If you choose a Scania marine engine, you know you will never be becalmed. We understand that the engine is the most important safety factor on board, and we build engines to meet every need – powerful, reliable, dependable engines with maximum uptime and minimal downtime for service and maintenance.

And no matter which waters you ply, Scania has an organisation ready to serve your engine when it needs it. That’s power at work. And that’s what Scania Engines stand for.

Scania Industrial Engines - Power to drive both machinery and business

Excellent fuel economy. Low emissions. Maximum uptime. Our new generation of industrial engines have already entered the future. Packed with massive power and proven reliability, and complying with emission regulations 2011 and beyond, they are destined to move your business forward – and ready to meet your customer’s every demand. Coupled with our committed service and global support network, the new Scania engines will give you the opportunity to offer your customers a most powerful solution; including cleaner technology, low costs of ownership and reliable performance for heavy-duty applications. Anywhere on the planet.

Scania Power Generation Engines

An emergency case in an operating theatre. A construction site in a remote area. A 747 approaching Kuala Lumpur airport as the runway lights begin to flicker. A military command and control centre, with jet movements being tracked on the radar screen.

In these and thousands of other situations, the availability of electrical power is crucial. Either as prime power or as stand-by power. In either case – wherever there is a critical need for dependable, durable and reliable workhorses that require a minimum of service and maintenance – the answer is Scania engines for power generation.

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