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VETUS introduces a new range of waterlocks


The new line of VETUS HD waterlocks is made from a specially blended composite that is heat resistant up to 260 °C. While the NLP waterlock design is already well known for its silencing features, versatile installation options, and extremely low backpressure, it now adds mechanical properties that can meet any challenge and puts it in a unique position in the market!

Resistance to deformation under pressure is 250 °C; almost double that of standard GRP materials. The same goes for tensile and flexural strength! For those concerned by weight, there is good news as well. All these benefits are available at almost half the weight of the competition!

The VETUS heavy duty waterlock range in brief:
Available for Ø 50, 60, 75, and 90 mm exhaust systems
VETUS HD composite material is heat resistant up to 260 °C
The safe choice in case of cooling failure
Easily and quickly installed in any situation
- 360º rotating bodies
- Rotating hose connections, provide infinite connection possibilities
- Floor mount bracket and wall mount straps supplied as standard
Maximum performance
- Superior noise reduction
- Minimal backpressure in the exhaust system
Provided with drain plugs for winter storage.

VETUS bow thruster 25 kgf, 12 Volt

  • Why VETUS bow thrusters? A single propeller creates less flow disturbance in the tunnel.
  • Unique propeller blade design minimises cavitation noise.
  • Spiral gears minimise transmission noise.
  • Flexible coupling between tail piece and motor eliminates vibration.
  • Streamlined tail piece for optimum flow.
  • Strong synthetic propeller eliminates corrosion and reduces weight.
  • Easy to install, supplied with clear installation and operation instructions.
  • All VETUS manoeuvring systems meet the EMC requirements.