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 The function of an engine dynamometer is to absorb and apply a variable load to an engine. The absorbed load is measured and recorded in conjunction with the engine operating parameters. With our dynamometer data acquisition software, we are able to monitor and record a multitude of engine performance parameters for both electronic and non-electronic engines. Our Computerized Electronic Data Acquisition System has improved our customer satisfaction by diagnosing tough problems quickly and tuning their engines back to their factory specifications. Not only can we measure factors such as RPM, torque and power at 200 readings per second, we can also measure multiple pressures for oil, airbox, fuel and boost. All these measurements can be recorded for a complete data log for a set of dynamometer runs. Torque and power readings can be set as observed, or can be automatically corrected to SAE, DIN, JIS or, ECE. Multiple temperature readings can also be taken for ambient air, exhaust, intercooler, water and oil. All this is just a fraction of our engine dynamometer test cell capabilities.





Cylinder head grinding machine make SCLEDUM Cylinder head, brake disc and flywheel surface grinding machine

DA.MET Field Service




Field Service 


With onsite and mobile servicing our team of highly qualified technicians are there to help in maintaining your  engines/ transmissions. 





Painting bay


On completion of engine/ transmission testing, they are then detailed and painted in our paint bay.




For purpose of fast and effective work on engine/ transmissions rebuild we have designed and built our own roll over mechanised platforms, allowing us to safely dismantle and assemble engines/ transmissions.

Seat cutting machine

“Live Pilot” technology:

There are two types of pilots in the valve seat machine market. - Taper Pilot, known as "Dead Pilot". Firmly fixed to the valve guide, the tool holder rotates around the pilot. - Cylindrical pilot known as "live pilot" that rotates in valve guide to 0.01 mm clearance - 0.0004". Spindle + tool holder + pilot assembly is monoblock, which improves concentricity.


Triple air cushion centering system

This technology is a further development of the dual air cushion centering system. Use the following combinations: - Flat air cushion to move the processing head - Second plain air cushion used for centering stage - Spherical air cushion used in combination with a second planar air cushion for centering.

Our general engineering shop can manage variety machining projects and disciplines required. Having in house machinery we are able to maintain continuity of productivity.




Welding  Bay


We carry out a variety of machining work including turning, milling, drilling and tapping. We work with various level of steel, stainless steel, aluminium. We often asked to manufacture replacement components from sample parts or  drawings.

custom made bracket for spific engine/transmission installation.

custom deigned and built by Damet for the purpose of  extracting and refitting Volvo Penta  IPS drives onsite project.