We are the Australian East Coast Importer and Distributor of SLCE / Aqua-Base Watermakers.


We are able to offer sales, spare parts, servicing and repairs of Marine Desalinators, Watermaker units.

SLCE watermakers develops standard or tailor-made reverse-osmosis water treatment equipment. Reverse osmosis is a process that desalts seawater or demineralized brackish water through the use of a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane allows molecules of water (H2O) to pass and blocks the salts as well as all the organic compounds. The water that passes through it is thus purified, mineral and drinkable.




Range SD5

From 1,5 to 5,5 m³/day

Range SD (11/SD21/SD22/SD23)

From 5 to 40 m³/day

Range SD21/SD22 Twin

From 2x15 to 2x32 m³/day

Range SH

From 30 to 120 m³/day

Range SLE

From 100 to 750 m³/day

Range XLE

Up to 1500 m³/day


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Brackish Water


Range CBW

Up to 12 m³/day

Range EBW

Up to 70 m³/day

Range GBW

Up to 1000 m³/day


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Aqua Base


Aqua-Base ES

From 35 to 105 L/h low consumption

Aqua-Base X

From 30 to 90 L/h

Aqua-Base Y

From 60 to 300 L/h

Aqua-Base ARUBA

From 60 to 300 L/h


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