MAN MARINE DIESEL ENGINE INFORMATION Propulsion Engines As powerful and reliable engines for high-speed luxury yachts, passenger and industrial ships, pilot and patrol boats, the high speed MAN diesel engines prove just how good they are. They are compact, powerful and economical. For all that, they’re environmentally friendly and comply with the IMO exhaust-gas regulations. Upon request, they can also be delivered with the release certificate of renowned classification companies. MAN’s marine diesel engines offer all the benefits of cost-effective large-scale series production. They are manufactured ready to install and optimally fitted for any type of usage and operating conditions.

MAN can inspect and certify engine installation if desired as well as carry out thorough commissioning.

Supply New Engine

As we are the Dealer of the MAN marine we can supply customer with new engine.

Engine Service/ Maintenance/ Rebuild

For proper operation during your engine’s intended service life it is extremely important to have it serviced regularly. WE supports you with customised service and maintenance plans for your marine engine to minimise failures and maximise the engine’s service life.  If there the fault with you engine we can Rebuild the engine,

Spare Parts

Spare Parts

For any spare parts inquiries you can all us 07 3277 3111 or Email us

For the MAN 24/7 hotline, please dial:

North and South America: +1 754 238 6313

All other countries (German number): +49 911 420 420