At Kohler, we believe every generator we make—every weld, wire and circuit—is a testament to our quality. That’s why our latest marine gensets are smaller and quieter with less vibration than ever before. We design and build these machines to exceed certified class society standards. The result: the most advanced, most reliable generators we’ve ever made.


We are your authorised agent for Kohler Marine Generators, from sales and spare parts through to full servicing options.

 Developed the first marine generator with a built-in parallel switching regulator. Our HIS PGEN connection connects up to 8 HIS KOHLER generators of different sizes with one communication cable. When the load is high, a second generator will automatically turn on to provide the energy needed to carry the load. A soundproof design with separate engine and alternator compartments and an improved air management system significantly reduce noise levels. This distinguishes our marine generators from all others. We all know that on commercial ships the money stops as soon as the generators stop. That's why we've been building the finest commercial generators on the water for over 100 years. From handcrafted alternators to handcrafted controls, we pride ourselves on building reliable power systems.

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